Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The festive gift bag with my birthday gifts from Hudson. (and the hubby) I turned the big 33 today and David tricked me by acting like he somewhat forgot or was blowing off my birthday. To say the least I was a bit upset and pouting, that is until Hudson came walking from our bedroom into the living room with this gift bag in his hands. SO stinkin' cute! It was a small, sweet gift from Hudson mainly as I had told David not to buy me anything big for my birthday since he bought me my Nikon DSLR for our anniversary and I bought his new grill for his combo birthday and anniversary present as well. :)

Anyways, I had a great birthday and this little bag was just a small, but very sweet and heartfelt part of my day! Although, I did have to remind David that he might want to rethink shenanigans like that in the future especially when he is dealing with someone boasting some major pregnancy hormones as I currently am, ya know!?!?!? ;)

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