Thursday, February 12, 2009


42/365 - This would be two of Hudson's favorite things - apples and bananas. OR as he would say it "Abbas" for apples....I can't quite make out what he calls bananas, but honestly it sounds very similar to what he says for apples too! In any case, he loves his fruit so we have to keep plenty on hand to satisfy the little man!



41/365 - Um yeah.....I convinced David to buy Space Buddies over the weekend for Hudson and he loves it! David and myself on the other hand.....well, let's just say that I fell asleep about 30 minutes in, but David actually exited the room much sooner, ha! But like I said, Hudson likes it so that's all that matters. :)



40/365 - Yep....we both got iPhones this past weekend and we LOVE them! Seriously, these phones are the coolest things ever!



39/365 - DIY up in the house! Yep, I decided that this old silver mirror needed a facelift. I jsut primed it and spray painted it and am actually going to do the same thing on another larger mirror we have as well. It turned out pretty good I think! I'll have to post a before and after on the other blog. :)

Oh, and don't mind our dirty walls in the background....we need to do some deep cleaning again!



38/365 - It's salad time! This was really yummy....seriously!!!! :)



37/365- No explanation needed....just my super cute baby boy!



36/365 - A GIGANTIC stack of magazines, most of which have never been read because we just don't have the time these days. :( Yet, we continue to buy them anyways.