Thursday, February 12, 2009


42/365 - This would be two of Hudson's favorite things - apples and bananas. OR as he would say it "Abbas" for apples....I can't quite make out what he calls bananas, but honestly it sounds very similar to what he says for apples too! In any case, he loves his fruit so we have to keep plenty on hand to satisfy the little man!



41/365 - Um yeah.....I convinced David to buy Space Buddies over the weekend for Hudson and he loves it! David and myself on the other hand.....well, let's just say that I fell asleep about 30 minutes in, but David actually exited the room much sooner, ha! But like I said, Hudson likes it so that's all that matters. :)



40/365 - Yep....we both got iPhones this past weekend and we LOVE them! Seriously, these phones are the coolest things ever!



39/365 - DIY up in the house! Yep, I decided that this old silver mirror needed a facelift. I jsut primed it and spray painted it and am actually going to do the same thing on another larger mirror we have as well. It turned out pretty good I think! I'll have to post a before and after on the other blog. :)

Oh, and don't mind our dirty walls in the background....we need to do some deep cleaning again!



38/365 - It's salad time! This was really yummy....seriously!!!! :)



37/365- No explanation needed....just my super cute baby boy!



36/365 - A GIGANTIC stack of magazines, most of which have never been read because we just don't have the time these days. :( Yet, we continue to buy them anyways.


35/365 - Yet another shot of our sweetie napping...he crashed out on the floor right after he got home this night. He was really tired!



34/365 - Oh...the joys of DJ Lance...watching some Tivo'd Yo Gabba Gabba!

Monday, February 2, 2009



33/365 - We have visitors.....Mr. & Mrs. T that is! Ha! I had my first beers last night since early October and I decided to pick up this little mixer this past weekend so that I can make myself some fruity, girly drinks sometime soon! I gotta get a little drink on before I get knocked up again, lol! Is that a bad thing????

Sunday, February 1, 2009



32/365 - Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!! Here's Hudson getting his groove on to some Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band during the Super Bowl halftime show. He LOVES to dance and seemed to really like "The Boss", lol! It was an eventful game, but in the end, David's Cardinals lost to the Steelers. Boooooooo.....he wasn't too upset because he likes the Steelers too and was just happy that it was in his words, "a GOOD game!" I mostly enjoyed the yummy jalapeno and cheese stuffed hamburgers we had for dinner along with some ice cold beers!



31/365 - We went furniture shopping yet again today looking for the perfect piece of furniture to house our television in our main living area, but alas, we had no luck in findng what we are looking for. I did however pick up a little somethin'-somethin' for our living room though....this fabulous new iron wall art piece - L-O-V-E! I cannot wait to hang it...but still deciding where it's permanent *home* will be.



30/365 - My boo....Bailey Bugaboo that is or otherwise known as Sir Shenanigan's Bailey.
Yes, he *is* a mutant Lhasa Aspo. :)



29/365 - My cutie pie having lots of fun riding his tricycle ALL over the house.....he tears it up on this thing!



28/365 - We had another ice day today, so I was home with Hudson again, but David had to trek into work no matter what. :( Here's a pic of what was left of the ice on our front porchsteps later that evening. Sorry, I was too lazy to go outside and take any pics earlier in the day, ha!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



27/365- Today was a day at home for the entire family because of the potential bad weather that didn't actually make it here until tonight. We were supposed to be hit by an ice storm overnight or early this morning, but nothing ever really started to freeze and we didn't really even see any heavy sleet or precipitation until any case, I worked from home today and then tonight David burned a wonderful fire to keep all of us warm and cozy. Gotta love lounging on the couch in front of a nice fire!



26/365 - Hudson is intrigued and can be sometimes be fully entertained literally for hours by some of the most unexciting of in point - a cheap flashlight, lol! I guess most kids love these things and he is definitely no exception. In fact, it was hilarious because he kept putting it under his mouth and growling, lol! Not sure where he learned THAT from!?!?!?!?!



25/365 - Hudson sleeping all comfy and snug in his new big boy bed....AW!!! What a precious little angel he is!

Monday, January 26, 2009



24/365 - Aren't these so much fun?!?!?! If you can't tell, they are metal antique looking cars that we bought for new decor in Hudson's *big boy* room. We are doing a cars theme...maybe something surf / beach related, but we haven't totally decided yet. Notice the surfboards on the top of two of the cars??? Pretty cool stuff and Hudson LOVED them of course! Was there any doubt that our son would love them though??? Nope...we knew he would!



23/365 - Hudson's *big boy* is SO tall....and for now, this is what I call temporary bedding, I totally don't love it and have found a couple of things online from Pottery Barn Kids that will probably replace it. We have to get safety rails this weekend so that lil' man can sleep in this monsterous bed, ha!

Thursday, January 22, 2009



22/365 - Yes, another sleeping shot....just think of how many you will see by the end of the year, ha! David took this one while I was at work today too and he *promises* that he did not put that toothbrush in Hudson's mouth, but rather that Hudson did in fact fall asleep this way. I think I will trust him for now, but if many more of these pics show up I might have to question it, ha!



21/365 - Gotta love those dimples! Nuff said.



20/365 - Okay, I realize that there are two pics here, but I couldn't choose! Don't you love how intense he looks while playing with his car and carrying case, lol! He's actually on the rug in our bathroom...he decided to do this while I got ready for bed this night.



19/365 - FAMILY - these are wooden blocks that I bought over the weekend to display *somewhere* in our house. This isn't their home, but I was trying to see if they would work on the mantle or not.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


18/365 - David bought himself a new 19" lcd for our kitchen on Friday and it looks SO much better than the old tv we had in the kitchen. It's a Vizio and I guess he got a great deal on it, so that's good....I guess I will go ahead and approve it even though I wanted a Samsung because I thought it looked a little better and well, I'm kind of a brand snob sometimes, but I figured that it couldn't be too bad especially considering what we used to have there, ha!


17/365 - We had a long day of shopping today and this was just one of many of our purchases's a slate frame that matches the slate inlay in our dining room. I decided to just put one of the 8x10's from Hudson's baby pics in here for now because I wanted to go ahead and put it out...I definitely love it and think it looks great on the console table in our dining room. We bought about 10 frames this weekend to start personalizing our home more with family pics, but we will definitely be needing much more frames to display them throughout our entire home and hopefully, we will be blessed with another baby soon and will have many, many more family pics planned in the future!


16/365 - LOVE my Kerastase hair products....this is pricey stuff, so I loved my Michelle for giving me some samples too when I had my hair done last, gotta love free stuff and my hair thanks her for it too!



15/365 - Apparently there has been a bit of a theme here lately, lots of pictures of Hudson sleeping....I promise, he doesn't take naps that often, ha! Not for us usually anyways...Grandma and Nana,, not so much. Notice the lovely Hot Wheel car on his face, David actually took this pic and I thought it was quite funny!



14/365 - Yes, this would be my sweet tooth's fault....when I am depressed, apparently I eat and sweets are my favorite vice...thus the JumBlo gumballs I snuck into our basket last weekend. I've only had one though....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


13/365 - Sir Shenanigan's Bailey - our shaggy mutant of a Lhasa Apso. Yes, I know, he doesn't look like a Lhasa, but I do have AKC paperwork for this mutant. ;) I wasn't feeling very creative tonight, so this is what you get....a picture of our shaggy dog, lol! Sorry that it's not more exciting or anything.....he used to be my baby before Hudson, now he's mostly just a nuisance, but I still love him. I say I don't a lot of the time because he gets on my every last nerve and harasses poor Hudson all of the time, but I still love the shaggy old thing anyways. I just hate to admit it. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009


12/365 - Yes, my son is trying to chew on a car.....I don't know where this is coming from or why he has all of a sudden started chewing on virtually all of his toys lately. I thought he looked cute though and couldn't help taking a few snaps of my favorite little man.


11/365 - Okay, so Hudson LOVES chapstick / lip balm, random I know, but he insists on wearing it a lot. Anyways, my sister, Karen, bought him a Bonnie Bell set of flavored lip glosses at Christmas (lol!) and this is a pic after he applied far too much of his strawberry Fanta lip balm, lol! Seriously, he is too funny! David kept calling him the Joker and saying "Why so serious??" all scary like the Joker in the Dark Knight. I told him to stop because it was creeping me out, but yeah, Hudson looked like a clown because apparently all of these lip balms have a tad bit of tint to them too, ha!

8/365 - 10/365

8/365 - our first and only picture of Baby B.
We lost our little one on Thursday, January 8th. This is one of the first things I saw when I got home from the hospital Friday night, it make my heart ache even more, but I love this picture because I already loved our baby SO much and it is still hanging on my fridge as it is here.

9/365 - my hospital tags.....I guess I might keep these to save along with the sonogram pic and a few other items to remind us of Baby B.

10/365 - Okay, so totally making up my own rules because I wanted to include all 3 pictures, but these are all of the lovely flowers that were sent to us in the hospital from family and friends. These flowers definitely brightened my day a bit and made my room a bit prettier too.
Thank you ~ Karen, Joe, Chris, Matt and Cassidy ~ Claudia and Joe ~ LaWanda, Roger and Tish ~ Lucy and team

Sunday, January 11, 2009


My first belly pic @ 15 weeks 3 days taken on Tuesday, January 6th, not the 7th, but this is the first and only belly shot I got to take with Baby B before he/she left us and it is very much representative of this day. I didn't have much of a belly as most of what you can see is my belt buckle sticking out, but even still this picture is special and always will be to me. I had actually *just* decided within the week before to start taking belly pics since I never did with Hudson and kind of wish I had, so I am glad that I have at least few pics while Baby B was with us.

Time Out

I obviously have been otherwise preoccupied the past few days and have not posted my daily pictures, however in the next few days I will be posting some pictures instead that represent these missing days. I know that's probably against the take a picture a day rules, but guess what.....I don't care. I am going to do it anyways just because. Sorry, I am making up my own rules. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Another sweet photo of our little man passed out on the floor! He has been skipping naps A LOT lately and results in him conking out during Diego at the end of the day. He sure does look like an innocent little angel though when he sleeps, so cute!


Freezing cold temperatures and lots of rain causes's quite lovely actually! I am just glad that the roads didn't get bad again, although, we all know that we love a good ice / snow day around here in Texas!


My picture of the day today is of the book "The Shack" that I actually bought as a little birthday present for myself at Barnes and Noble last night on our way to dinner. One of our dear family friends, LaWanda, highly recommended this book to me on Christmas and when one of my fellow bloggers posted about the book as well this past week I was so thankful for the reminder that I needed to go and pick up a copy. I cannot wait to get started reading it and hopefully, it will not take me too long to make it through the entire book. I almost bought "Eat, Pray and Love" as well based on several recommendations from other friends, but decided that I should go one book at a time so that will be for a later date. A bit more feasible of a goal for me afterall seeing that my time is so full and hectic these days!


The festive gift bag with my birthday gifts from Hudson. (and the hubby) I turned the big 33 today and David tricked me by acting like he somewhat forgot or was blowing off my birthday. To say the least I was a bit upset and pouting, that is until Hudson came walking from our bedroom into the living room with this gift bag in his hands. SO stinkin' cute! It was a small, sweet gift from Hudson mainly as I had told David not to buy me anything big for my birthday since he bought me my Nikon DSLR for our anniversary and I bought his new grill for his combo birthday and anniversary present as well. :)

Anyways, I had a great birthday and this little bag was just a small, but very sweet and heartfelt part of my day! Although, I did have to remind David that he might want to rethink shenanigans like that in the future especially when he is dealing with someone boasting some major pregnancy hormones as I currently am, ya know!?!?!? ;)


Hudson played so hard he conked out on the floor! Laser gun and all.....

1/365 - Toy Invasion....

This is what a few square feet of our living room floor looks like.....I think we've been invaded!


Several of my online friends are doing this Project 365 and I decided that I would attempt to do it because a) it sounded like a lot of fun b) I love to take pictures anyways and any excuse to have to use my DSLR daily is fine by me as it will allow me to become a better photographer and allow me to learn how to operate my camera better and c) because it would be a great way to sort of chronicle our year. For now, I will post the pics as I can and will try to post them daily, we shall see if I can keep up! In any case, if you are interested in joining along, all of the details can be found on the Project 365 website and I would love it if you would leave a comment and let me know if you will be doing it as well and where you will be chronicling your photos so that I may follow you along throughout the year! Have fun!

Fingers crossed that I can keep up!